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The Art and Science of Communication

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Languages & Systems

Current: PHP, Javascript, css/html

Past Significant: C++/windows, FORTRAN, Assembly Language/real time systems.

Dabbled: C#/windows, Actionscript

Web Sites: see client list

Work Experience

There have been no significant breaks in employment except my return to graduate school.

July 2008Self employedWeb design and development
September 2006Concordia UniversityCollege level instructor for theology and ethics
January 2003Resurrection Lutheran Church (Fredericksburg, TX)Minister
July 1997Grace Lutheran Church (Seguin, TX)Minister
January 1991Fidelity InvestmentsContractor (c/c++/windows)
August 1983AcraserveFounder/President. Many different projects in Windows and in real-time control.
August 1981ComputervisionProgrammer (minicomputer CAD system based on FORTRAN)
May 1980Exxon CorporationEngineer


May 1998: M.Div. from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne Indiana

May 1980: B.S. (Chem E.) and B.A. (Plan II) from University of Texas at Austin

Non-Technical Strengths

Writing, Teamwork


My Story

My name is Ed Giese. Can you guess what 'Giese' rhymes with??

My whole professional career has been involved in technology and communicating with people.

My educational background is engineering, and I spent nearly all my early professional career in computer work, from single-board eight-bit processors all the way up to Fidelity Investments' mainframe/client-server systems.

God led me into the ministry about 10 years ago, and while I've been incredibly blessed by the experience -- and learned a boatload about working with people -- I am back to my first love, computers.

We live in interesting times. Much is changing that has been fixed for centuries. But I feel rooted in the few eternals that really matter: love for family, hope for the future, and faith in God.

Current Interests

  • Some one looking to write a blog. I'm interested in doing a custom blog platform.
  • A chance to build on my groundwork in e-commerce.
  • Some contracting work in PHP
  • More design clients in general

Design Philosophy

  • A good relationship with the client is critical. This Entrepreneur Magazine Article sums up my thoughts nicely.
  • Appearance is designed, and content is managed. Let a professional do the design, and let the client put in the content.
  • Classic design elements never go out of style.
  • A browser is a utility, not an application. Applications run on servers, with some user-interface programming distributed to the browser.